Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services

Keeping Your Home Immaculate


Keeping Your Home Immaculate










⇒ Express Clean

Quick cleanup?  Request express!


⇒ Deep Clean

Essential for scheduled house-keeping.


⇒ Scheduled House-keeping

Weekly or bi-weekly.

⇒ Kitchens & Bathrooms

Simple solutions for complex cases…. Health and safety first.

⇒ Laundry Service

In-home and drop off.

⇒ Errands

Grocery, Rx-pick up, Mail drop off, Coffee delivery, and more.

⇒ Events

Office meetings, Social gatherings. 


Boats, Yachts, and Aircraft

Interior Detailing


Cleaning services that keep your home or business immaculate!

What we do in a deep clean

Every scheduled clean is proceeded by a deep clean where we clean: 1) the entire kitchen including the pantry, light fixture, electrical outlets, stove, oven, floors, counters, stemware, walls, fridge, garbage disposal and more.

What about cleaning products?

We use ammonia and vinegar for many things and The Pink Stuff for pretty much everything else.  We avoid corrosive products like Comet.

What about laundry services

We can clean your laundry using your appliances or we can take it to the washiteria.  We put up all of the clean clothes.  We can also run your clothes to the dry cleaners.

How long does it take?

Excellent question that obviously depends on how large your home is.  A deep clean might take all day, and a weekly clean of 1-2 hours will keep everything nice.

What about groceries?

Yes, we can take care of all of your shopping needs. We will then stock your fridge and pantry to just your liking.  Give us the list, and we’ll do the rest!

Cleaning pet hair and dander

We have a professional vacuum with a HEPA filter.  This will remove pet hair and dander from: floors, sofas, chairs, stairs, etc.  We can also spot clean your carpet or arrange for a commercial carpet cleaning service that fits your schedule.  We will supervize the clean and ensure that no damages occur.


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