Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal

When I was growing up in the 1970s, I well remember getting our first garbage “Dispose All.” That’s what my dad called it. Last year, I read a news story about the most bacteria-laden place in our homes. It’s the kitchen scrubby, not the toilet bowl brush. Ugh! Those little critters then go down the sink and get logged in the blades and parts of your disposal system. Then, when you run it, little contaminated water droplets spray out of the sink. Got it!?

There’s an old wives tale about using ice to clean it and your chemist author concludes that such reason is somewhat efficacious; certainly, there is some positive effect here. Alas, I’ve not run a simple experiment to test this hypothesis so I’m going to proceed with caution.

All of that being said, gross!

Remember that Vinegar is acidic acid and is a powerful anti-microbial action so you may want to use that. Perhaps use that every day as it’s super cheap and then once a week use something designed specifically for the decontamination of disposals.

Eco-Gals Eco Spinz Garbage Disposal Cleaner (Orange 6 ct. & Lemon 6 ct.) is a good choice as it has no corrosive ingredients. It’s widely available.

Eco-Gals Eco Spinz Garbage Disposal Cleaner (Orange 6 ct. & Lemon 6 ct.)

From washing vegetables to doing dishes, the garbage disposal works almost as hard as you do. With so much use it can get dirty before you know it. Treat your disposal right with Eco Spinz garbage disposal cleaner. It’s easy to use. Just drops into your disposal! Eco Spinz serves to wash away any unseen gunk that might be stinking up the sink and the kitchen making your space a more enjoyable place to work and live. Eco Spinz even deodorizes the pipes under the sink and leaves a pleasantly mild, nice citrus scent. Make cleaning fun and mix up your routine with two scents to choose from: lemon or orange. Not only is it an excellent sink odor eliminator, but every tablet is individually wrapped in recyclable material to maintain freshness for you and the planet. We know you’re busy and don’t have time to buy cleaner for your disposer every week with the groceries so we decided to value-stuff our box with 12 tablets for a 3 months supply. Let Eco Spinz take control of your kitchen today.

Designed For Garbage Disposals: Septic Pipe Safe Formula Compatible with All Kitchen Waste Disposal Models Including Insinkerator, Moen, Ge, Frigidaire, Kohler, Kitchenaid, Waste Maid, Waste King, Farberware and more.

Easy Monthly Cleanser: Use Tablets 1 – 2 Times Per Month to Care for your disposal, Odor Eliminator, Prevents Clogs, and Protects your Appliance. Each Tab easily drops in your drain for quick Disposal Care and your Peace of Mind.

Natural Citrus Scent: Orange- Lemon Deodorizer Scented Pod Smells the best, and Cleans the Best using only Simple Ingredients without the need for bleach or enzyme
Deep Cleaning Action: Heavy Duty Scrubbing Foam To Clean food, dirt, grime, and smell that sticks in your smelly sink disposal. Our Concentrated Tabs contain more cleaning power than typical Disposable refresher beads, balls, or pods.

Bulk 24 Packs – Compare to Smaller Packets that only last a couple of months. ACTIVE Disposer Cleaner 12-month supply lasts for up to a year of maintenance.

  • Cleans your disposal leaving your sink and kitchen fresh.
  • Dual Scents! Light Lemon and Orange citrus scents make cleaning fun while deodorizing your kitchen disposal. 
  • Eco-Friendly packaging and ingredients make Eco-Spinz a sensible choice for your home and the planet. Also safe for septic systems! 
  • With 12 tablets in every box, you know you’re getting a good deal
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