Cleaning Ovens With Non-Corrosive Methods


Chemical Oven Cleaners are toxic! Simply read the warning label.

Always be smart, always be safe. Wear gloves!

Ammonia, which is used in this cleaning process is, in the small doses contemplated here, an irritant. It naturally evaporates, not leaving any lingering stuff. On the other hand, the corrosive oven cleaners bought at the grocery store are – uh – corrosive.

Only 3 Steps:

1. As with cleaning an oven door, you want to start with a very warm temperature, 190 or so. Now here’s the magic trick: For the bottom rack, fill a heat-safe dish with water and then a second one on the top rack of the oven filled with one cup of ammonia, then close the door and leave it alone all night. Yes, all night! This is going to eat out the yuck you would usually scrub out. This process replaces the harsh chemicals found in store-bought cleaners. Oh, you can use the ammonia again so set it aside.

2. The next morning you remove all of that and be ready for a sharp, sharp, ugly smell! It won’t harm you.

3. Take out the racks but leave the oven door open for 1/2 an hour or so. It needs to air out so the last of the ammonia evaporates. An exhaust fan or open window really helps. Lastly use two tsp. of dish soap to the ammonia. Pour in one litter of warm water. Then get a heavy-duty scrubber with ammonia and wipe everything clean along with the old grease. All of the gunk will be completely removed and you’ll be just like brand new!